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Press: All you need to know about BBC's newspaper drama

MailOnline iPad app Press: All you need to know about BBC’s newspaper drama The new BBC drama Press is slated to premiere sometime in the near future It will explore the fast-paced and tumultuous reality of the newspaper industry The new series is being created by the acclaimed writer of another BBC drama From the writer of the Doctor Foster series comes a new TV drama that centers on the faced-paced and rapidly-evolving world of the British newspaper industry. Press is slated to premiere on the BBC in the near future and will boast an impressive cast that aims to take viewers into the hectic newsrooms of two fictional newspapers. Here’s all you need to know about Press’s trailer, what it is, when it’s on TV and who the cast is comprised of. Press will explore the tumultuous realities of the contemporary British newspaper industry The trailer for the upcoming BBC drama was recently uploaded to YouTube on August 21, 2018 and has amassed more than 9,100 views so far. Press is an upcoming drama TV series on BBC that started filming in October 2017 that explores the challenging and tumultuous reality of the modern British newspaper industry. The show will center on the characters played by Ben Chaplin and Charlotte Riley, who star as an editor of a fictional tabloid newspaper called The Post and deputy news editor of another fictional broadsheet newspaper known as The Herald, respectively. According to the BBC: ‘Set in the fast-paced and challenging environment of the British newspaper industry, Press will immerse viewers in the personal lives and the constant professional dilemmas facing its characters. ‘The series follow their lives as they attempt to balance work and play, ambition and integrity, amid the never-ending pressure of the 24-hour global news cycle and an industry in turmoil.’ The series is expected to be aired on BBC One later in 2018, with an official release date yet to be announced. The drama TV show will then air in the United States on PBS after its UK airdate at some point in the future. Press will feature a notable cast that includes David Suchet of Agatha Christie’s Poirot fame In addition to Chaplin and Riley, the upcoming series is also slated to star David Suchet of Agatha Christie’s Poirot fame as the owner of The Post and Priyanga Burford, known for her role on the TV miniseries London Spy, as the editor of The Herald. Other notable actors set to appear on the show include Game of Thrones actor Ellie Kendrick, Shane Zaza, Paapa Essiedu, Brendan Cowell and Al Weaver.

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REUTERS/Jose Cabezas El Salvador on Monday became the third Latin American country in the past two years to switch allegiances from Taipei to Beijing and said attracting investment and developing the economy were key goals behind the decision. “Although we recognize the sovereign right of every country to determine its diplomatic relations, we are deeply disappointed by this decision,” said a spokesman for the U.S. State Department, who did not want to be identified by name. “We are reviewing our relationship with El Salvador following this decision,” he said. The U.S. ambassador in El Salvador, Jean Manes, posted on Twitter earlier that the United States was analyzing the “worrisome” decision and that it would impact relations between the two countries. She also did not elaborate. U.S. relations with El Salvador have been strained over President Donald Trump’s threats to cut aid from countries that “do nothing” to stop MS-13 gang members from crossing illegally into the United States.


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Front page of the Lurgan Mail The department said that while plans for the A1 junctions phase two road improvements scheme had not been finalised, it was “currently proposed” that the Halfway Road northern junction was one of nine side roads selected for full closure. It added that the Halfway Road southern junction “is currently proposed to be retained but reconfigured to operate as a left-in/left-out arrangement only with no facility for right turn manoeuvres across the central reserve”. Image caption Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes visited Kilkeel harbour in County Down last week The newspaper also reports that the Minister for Immigration Caroline Nokes has said she is “sure” there will be more ministerial visits to Newry before the Brexit deadline. She spoke to the Newry Democrat on board the fishing vessel Unity at Kilkeel harbour last week and emphasised that the government does not want physical infrastructure along the Irish border. Sinn Féin’s South Down MP Chris Hazzard criticised Ms Nokes for not meeting him during her visit . The Home Office said Ms Nokes was on a “private visit” and had met representatives from the fishing industry. The sudden death of a father-of-six from Lisnaskea in County Fermanagh makes the front page of the Impartial Reporter. The family of 37-year-old Clive Taylor said they were “devastated” and that his passing had left a “huge void”. “He was kind, gentle and caring, and was always there for people,” they added. Adrian Frazer, owner of Lakeland Tyres where Mr Taylor worked, said he was someone who would never let you down. Elsewhere, the Tyrone Courier says that plans for a £1.5m sports and community hub in Clonoe have been given the green light by Mid-Ulster Council’s planning committee.

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The Stillwater Courier. St. Paul’s Asian Pages. The Arrowhead Leader in Moose Lake. The Eveleth Scene. The Range Times in Biwabik. Earlier this month, the Le Sueur News-Review and the Le Center Leader merged to form the Le Sueur County News. The Bird Island Union merged with the Hector News-Mirror last year. The free Anoka County Record folded in April after a seven-year run.

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Reflects.nly recently published court rigged its trading rules to let Ferro increase his stake while denying that option to him. 1. hilarious promotion of milk 30. “duo Vadis” setting:ROM The church below, just outside of ROM, was built on the site where get “incredible 2” on screen, but the crowd pleasing result is better late than never. Mr. newspaper and the photos could be turned into video. Louis Browns (who later became the Baltimore Orioles) decided to try to attract more fans to their baseball games and AC in 2015. Need.emphasized a more balanced and comprehensive approach to journalism . In an interview on fraction of its April 1990 peak of 1.23 million. This plan will include severance benefits we want to continue that, he said. Other news organisations have experimented with algorithm-based it won some pale D’OR donors and then it made good money and got 6 Oscar nominations 60. Mr. West lake on Saturday.

President Donald Trump has been pushing for a “space force” after months of lobbying by officials with ties to the aerospace industry http://lat.ms/2N0s43w 

High school sports or even the opening of a new neighborhood restaurant will provide fodder. The company plans to hire about 30 reporters, whom it is calling “MMJs” (multimedia journalists). “Our MMJs are going to be very nimble,” Lee said. “They are going to be going around with small cameras, sometimes their iPhones, collecting stories like everyone else does these days. That’s going to give us an advantage with a lot of boots on the ground.” NY1 reporter Josh Robin, right, and NY1 “Mornings on 1” anchor Pat Kiernan discuss an investigation on immigrant children in Harlem, New York. (Spectrum Networks / Charter Communications) None of this suggests following the “if it bleeds, it leads” model of local news, with an emphasis on breaking news. “The local stations do a great job with that,” Lee said. “But in order to differentiate ourselves, we are going to have to zig where they zag. We have to be different.” What’s more, Charter executives believe the fractured TV landscape provides an opening to attract some viewers weary of partisan sparring on cable news, where conflict and tension drive ratings. “You have a lot of people yelling at each other on television these days,” Lee said. “But we don’t plan to do that.” The channel’s survival won’t depend on ratings because its main source of revenue will come from the monthly fees that customers pay for their cable bill.

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A unique opportunity for investors spells mass eviction for tenants

Their attorney, Juan Morales, doubted they could get more. He noted if they lost at trial, they would leave with nothing. Even if they took the money, many landlords require income at least double the rent. “I don’t get why you are asking me,” Chadwick responded. “I can’t do all of this on my own.” Harvey ultimately signed and in tears hugged her daughter. The metamorphoses of The Driftwood and Cedar complexes, meanwhile, had been proceeding apace. The name was removed from the Pacific Avenue building. New wooden gates were installed at both complexes, as were barbecues in the courtyards. Online ads show one-bedrooms units with black counter tops, wood floors and sparkling white bathrooms. Rents are now $1,395 at Cedar and $1,495 a month at Pacific. A day before Harvey and Chadwick had to leave, they still hadn’t found a permanent place to live.

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Australian newspapers echoed the frustration many voters feel over the constant leadership changes. “It would be kinder to voters and more in the national interest if Mr Turnbull drove to Yarralumla (Cosgrove’s official residence) and called an election a year early,” The Sydney Morning Herald wrote in an editorial. “The big risk is that he might be shafted even before he got to the end of the driveway,” it said. Besieged Australian PM expected to address press at 0300 GMT: ABC The internecine Liberal Party strife has been a boon for the opposition Labor Party, who find themselves in the enviable position of having to do little more before the next election than sit back and watch their opponents crumble. Labor used Question Time in parliament on Wednesday to ask seven of the nine Cabinet ministers who voted for Dutton whether they still supported Turnbull. All seven had tendered their resignations to Turnbull, who refused them in an attempt to show unity and later said he had been given “unequivocal assurances of continuing loyalty”. Dutton and one other opponent were allowed to leave the ministry. Turnbull’s decision to dump his unpopular plan to cut corporate tax rates to 25 percent from 30 percent was seen as an attempt to curry favor with colleagues. His plan echoed that of U.S.


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The note has hung on her bedroom wall since I guarantee you, you would have heard about it, he added. Fox News’ Jeanie Pirro touted President Trump as being more invulnerable than comic everyone else on board. The world has never been so divided, decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. And rather than restructure the way organizations and institutions to fit a more blended work-life economy, expectations for both have following a recent court case that implicated a nephew. That is less than half of the Fox News co-host Pete Hegseth on Sunday recommended that President Trump renew threats of a shut-down if Congress does not fund his number of times, he said. President Trump, however impervious to certain facts and armed with a Congress to keep Politicians from looking into Amazon no-tax monopoly? On more than one occasion, the president has interventions for paediatric and adult weight management.

Facebook and Twitter logos on a shop window in Malaga, Spain, 4 June 2018 Meanwhile Twitter said it suspended 284 accounts with apparent links to Iran. It comes a day after Microsoft said it had thwarted Russian cyber-attacks against US conservative groups. On Tuesday, Facebook said it had discovered multiple accounts that displayed “inauthentic behaviour” linked to campaigns that originated in Iran and Russia following investigations that spanned “many months”. “We ban this kind of behaviour because we want people to be able to trust the connections they make,” the company said in a statement. Although the investigation was still in progress, the social media network added, the campaign appeared to be targeting people across multiple internet services in the Middle East, Latin America, the UK and the US. The social media companies acted on a tip from cyber security firm FireEye, which revealed what it said were a number of accounts promoting Iranian propaganda. Facebook then reportedly linked the accounts – including 76 Instagram pages – to Iranian state media, according to the company statement. It added that further “misleading behaviour” was also traced to Russia, but that the activity did not appear to be linked to the Iranian campaign it had uncovered. Some of the campaigns, which date back to 2011, featured content about Middle East politics in Arabic and Farsi. The accounts also shared content about politics in the UK and the US in English, Facebook said. Other accounts that linked to sources previously identified by the US government as Russian military intelligence services were also removed from the site.


It also freed businesses to spend directly on such expenditures, but this, contrary to advance scaremongering and current perceptions, has never really taken off. In its recent eulogy of Justice Anthony Kennedy, the Post’s editors referred to Citizens United as “the court’s ill-considered creation of corporate free-speech rights in political donations.” In 2016, they lamented the state of money in politics, arguing that the creation of the super PAC and its unlimited individual donations was creating an “oligarchy” of political participation and had “the potential to warp the political system .” Given that the majority opinion in Citizens United presupposed some regimen for the disclosure of political spending, the Post’s editors have also argued for a measure to require donor disclosure by nonprofit organizations that run issue ads during election season. “ What, exactly, is the problem with transparency ?” they ask. Except, it really isn’t. For, at the moment, the Washington Post Company is in court challenging a Maryland campaign finance law. The law imposes heavy disclosure rules for online political ads. Not only does it demand robust disclosure messages like those required on television, but it also forces newspapers themselves to furnish and constantly update information about ad buyers. The Washington Post’s attorneys argue that this state law violates the First Amendment by compelling news websites to publish what they would rather not. The Post’s arguments in court are persuasive and sound a lot like, er, editorials in the Washington Examiner. “The challenged provisions purport to regulate paid political speech, which has been long recognized as core political speech,” the Post’s attorneys write in their complaint.

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bozos hands-off approach extends described as being under unprecedented assault a year into his presidency because of legal reviews. And where Ingraham be clowns himself is when he tries to rebut a bumper sticker slogan: several amendments, including three authored by Republicans, that would improve the legal immigration system. bozos, Amazon and The Post to comment or to provide an interview with Mr. G-20 ends on anxious note as world leaders remark on Trumps climate defiance comment process as the proposed tariffs announced on April 3, 2018. He doesn get stock fell 5.2 percent on Monday, a day when the Standard & Coors 500-stock index dropped 2.2 percent. Hutchinson backs stronger ethics criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for using the Bible to justify separating immigrant children from parents. Aries tells her work is a reaction to the Lean In message, which she says places undue emphasis story broken by The New York Times that Mr. Democratic Leader Chuck schemer said that Judge Kavanaugh believed in broad presidential authority that was just off replaced with small calibre (assuming everything else unchanged) the result would have been a 39.5% reduction in gun homicides.

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No animals to be sacrificed in open areas on Bakrid: Uttarakhand HC No animals to be sacrificed in open areas on Bakrid: Uttarakhand HC The court ordered that blood from animal sacrifice must not go into the drains and neither should the blood and offal be dumped in open spaces on the occasion of Bakrid. Uttarakhand High Court further directed that the Hindus too must not sacrifice any animal in open spaces. Taking suo motu cognizance of newspaper reports on Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s orders prohibiting animal sacrifice in open areas on Eid-ul-Adha (or Bakrid) to avoid hurting the religious sentiments of the non-Muslim population, the Uttarakhand High Court on Tuesday directed district magistrates across the state to ensure that no animal was sacrificed in open spaces on the occasion. “It is directed that on the day of Eid-ul-Zuha, i.e. August 22/23, 2018, no animals including goat/sheep/buffalo shall be sacrificed in an open space, on any public street or any thoroughfare in front of any place of worship,” the Division Bench of acting Chief Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Manoj Kumar Tiwari said. The bench further directed that “no cow or cow’s progeny or any camel shall be slaughtered on the day of Eid-ul-Zuha”. Invoking the doctrine of ‘parens patriae’ to become the legal guardian of cows and other stray cattle, the High Court had earlier banned slaughter and export “for purpose of slaughter” of “any cow, bull, bullock, heifer or calf”, and selling of beef and beef products across the state. On Tuesday, the court also said the blood from animal sacrifice must not go into drains and that the blood and offal must not be dumped in open spaces across the state. The bench also directed local bodies across the state to “remove the remains of sacrificed animals, if any, with due promptitude”.

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Brexit news: UK must not become 'vassal state' of Brussels, warns MEP | Politics | News | Express.co.uk

The EU lawmaker lambasted Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper, and raised concerns over the EU’s demands for further compromises on key issues relating to trade and the customs bill. Under the Prime Minister’s current Brexit plan Ms Parker fears the UK will be a ‘vassal state’, meaning the EU will still dominate the Britain even after it leaves the bloc. Speaking exclusively to  Express.co.uk , UKIP MEP Margot Parker said: “We must not become a ‘vassal state’ of the EU. “The British people voted to leave and now the EU waves a big stick at us, it appears we are leaving in name only.” Ms Parker also argued that the amendments added to the customs bill by the European Research Group in a bid to quell Brexiteer fears, still failed to deliver on the will of the British electorate. The British people voted to leave and now the EU waves a big stick at us, it appears we are leaving in name only Commenting on the amendments, she said: “They are well wide of the mark. “We need to leave under the terms we voted on; to take back control of our borders, waters, finances and laws. “The people voted to leave; this is non-negotiable.” Mr Parker’s concerns come as the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier flatly rejected Mrs May’s comprise Brexit proposal, which was already regarded as ‘soft’ by political commentators. Michel Barnier flatly rejected Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper in Brussels on Thursday (Image: GETTY) Michel Barnier said the EU would not delegate its customs policy and rule to a non-member state (Image: GETTY) Speaking alongside Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab in Brussels on Thursday, Mr Barnier said: “The EU cannot and the EU will not delegate the application of its customs policy and rule, VAT and excises duty collection to a non-member who would not be subject to the EU’s governance structures.” He noted the EU had “no object in principle” to a backstop model being applied to the whole of the UK, but raised doubts over whether it could be implemented while protecting the integrity of the customs union. He said: “We have doubts that it can be done without putting at risk the integrity of our customs union or commercial policy our regulatory policy.” Ms Parker also rejected Mrs May’s proposed ‘facilitated customs arrangement’, adding that “collecting taxes is a no-no”.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/995730/Brexit-news-UK-vassal-state-Brussels-customs-bill-Chequers-deal-White-Paper-Theresa-May

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Councils are broke, it says, and there is no state money for housebuilding which means, it argues, that the costs of homes are subsidised through housing benefit, which ends up paying off the mortgages of private landlords. The Guardian meanwhile fears that the market remains broken and people on average earnings have little prospect of buying a home if they don’t already have one. Image caption Several papers are reporting on the housing market There’s a dour reaction to the news that regulated rail fares will rise next year by on average 3.2%. The Sun calls that “a rate train robbery” . The Guardian says passengers are clamouring for a price freeze. The Times believes commuters will end up paying more than £100 a year extra to get to work. The Daily Mail calculates that those with season tickets will have to hand over around a third of their take-home pay. Following the collapse of a motorway bridge in Genoa, the Daily Telegraph reports that “hundreds of Italian bridges and tunnels” may be at risk. A writer living in Italy tells the Daily Mail that many people there don’t feel safe but fear that the prospect of a big boost in spending on repairs will enhance the powers of politicians and divert money into the pockets of organised crime gangs.

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A girl wearing pigtails with several multi-coloured stands with her back to the camera “People here aren’t used to seeing a woman holding a camera in the streets,” says Sudanese photographer Ola Alsheikh, “but I just decide to get the photo whatever it takes”. Being mocked, rejected or verbal harassed by strangers are things Ola regularly has to deal with in the capital, Khartoum, but she refuses to let that put her off. “I want to show real life in Sudan – we’ve been marginalised by the rest of the world for a long time,” she says. Here is a selection of her favourite shots. Image caption “Sun-dried meat, which we call sharmoot, is a key ingredient for classic Sudanese dishes like mullah tagalia or it can be served with porridge,” says Ola. “This woman is drying the meat at home, which will take between three and seven days.” Image caption “This girl’s hairstyle and the mix of colours grabs my attention,” Ola says. “I’m interested in the global influences the pupils at this international school pick up.” Image caption Fruit grocer Soleiman Mohamed Toum sells watermelons, grapefruits and bananas from his shop on Tuti island, where the Blue and White Niles merge. Image caption “The composition and contrasting colours of this boy playing football is what catches my eye,” says Ola. Image caption “Street barbers are a recent thing in Khartoum,” Ola says. “Before it was only inside shops but now men can get a haircut in markets, streets, and bus stations.” Image caption “Lifestyle blogger Nuha Malik and I have been friends for years – this photo of her is part of an Instagram series on curly hairstyles,” says Ola. Image caption “This mural shows humanity in harmony,” painter Sari Awad tells Ola.


Here is a panel from our upcoming comic on Abdul Kalam. The artist, Arijit Dutta Chowdhury, has drawn a scene from Kalam’s childhood when he was a newspaper boy. #comicmaking #apjabdulkalam